Get Them a Letter Pendant Necklace

Nothing is more personal than a letter chain necklace, whether you get it for yourself or someone else. It’s meaningful. It says something about you, as well as the person who bought it for you. Stella & Haas, a top online Black-owned jewelry brand, has a number of initial letter necklaces that our customers love.

letter pendant necklace

Initial Letter Necklaces Are Popular

In the last year, we’ve seen so many celebrities sporting initial letter necklaces — Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow.

What’s special about a letter pendant necklace is that is reveals something about the wearer. You don’t get that with a lot of jewelry, except maybe for some charms or a zodiac sign necklace. It feels good to wear a piece of jewelry that reflects something about you.

The jewelry designers at Stella & Haas are used to making jewelry especially for ourselves and our loved ones, but this experience isn’t available to most people, and that’s what makes a letter pendant necklace such a treasured piece.

Stella & Haas Letter Pendant Necklaces

Stella & Haas’ Oversized Initial Necklace sports a large gold letter styled in a clear seraph font hanging from an 18-inch chain (comes with a 1-inch extender). Combining intimacy with conspicuousness, these necklaces are favorites for everyday wear.

The Initial Rectangle Necklace in silver sports a capital letter in a simple, sans seraph font set in a glittering bed of sparkles surrounded by a starburst pattern in a dark, rectangle frame. This bold and sassy letter pendant necklace comes on an 18-inch chain.

Our Love Letter Charm Necklaces are top sellers because instead of a single initial, these letter charm necklaces have four or five letter charms, spelling out “LOVE” for a loved one or “HOMIE” for a dear friend.

Our Old English Initial Necklace is regal and stately, yet delicate, on its 18-inch adjustable gold chain. The letters for this style of necklace are heavily calligraphed, telegraphing your style to the world.

Using the same font, our jewelry designers offer our customers Custom Old English Initial Necklaces that allow you to select a whole word to put on your necklace. You can choose any word you like — it doesn’t have to be a name, it could be your favorite sports team or a calming mantra like “Breathe.”

This is a really thoughtful gift when you choose a word that’s special to you and the recipient, such as a unique nickname or a secret word the two of you share.

What to Expect from Our Initial Letter Necklaces

Although our necklaces are beautiful and stylish, make no mistake — they are meant to be everyday jewelry. Our customer reviews confirm our letter pendant necklaces’ durability, describing how they stay shiny and pretty through daily use, including exercise, swimming, sleeping and showering.

Stella & Haas’ Black-owned jewelry brand is known as accessible, affordable and beautiful. Check out all our offerings today!