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    The Taylah Bracelet
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    Ashley (Olsen) Bangle
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No matter what your significant other’s style is, you’ll be able to find a bracelet they love at Stella & Haas. We design gold, silver, and beaded bracelets with an eye for an everyday look that’s chic and stylish.

If they’re the casual, practical type who loves to stand out in a crowd, choose from among our selection of gold-plated bangles, each with a unique engraved pattern or adorned with sparkling stone embellishments.

For a flexible, graceful style, shop our chain bracelets in gold, rose gold, or silver of varying thicknesses, suitable for any jewelry lover. The right bracelet can turn an ordinary outfit into a look that others remember, despite the occasion.

Check out our selection of paperclip bracelets as well as our stretchy beaded bracelets in white or a variety of other colors. With our wide inventory, you’re sure to be able to find a bracelet anyone will love.

All our bracelets are tarnish-resistant and although they are the perfect addition to your ensemble for a night on the town, they’re simple and practical enough to serve as everyday jewelry, whether you’re going to the office, staying home with the kids, or running errands in town.

Check our black-owned jewelry store’s website often for exciting new additions to our stock.