Stylin’ with Paperclip Chain Necklaces

Versatile, stong, beautiful — yes, we’re talking about you, but we’re also talking about our paperclip chain necklaces. These necklaces are all the rage right now, and Stella & Haas has created two different styles of this fun and flashy fashion accessory.

paperclip chain necklace

Adjustable Length Paperclip Chain Necklaces

When you’re searching your jewelry box for a necklace to wear, it can be hard to find just the right one. You may know you want gold or you want silver, but which length is right? You have lots of different clothes with varying styles of necklines, and you want your necklace to land in the perfect spot.

What can happen is that you try on lots of different necklaces and none of them is right. So you leave them in a jumble on top of your dresser and walk away in frustration.

That won’t ever happen with a paperclip chain necklace from Stella & Haas, because they’re adjustable. You can make it any length you want it to. You can double it up to make it look like two necklaces, or you can layer it with other necklaces for a healthy dose of bling and variety.

Why Are Paperclip Chain Necklaces So Popular?

People love paperclip chain necklaces for lots of reasons. One is the new style of “office jewelry,” which includes jewelry made to look like paperclips, staples and rubber bands.

At the same time, you see lots of pictures of celebrities in little black dresses sporting paperclip chain necklaces at fancy parties, so you can see how versatile this jewelry is.

But a paperclip chain necklace isn’t just fun — it has a deeper meaning. Some people wear paperclip chain necklaces as a symbol of unity and resistance — important concepts in 2021. Each paperclip, though lightweight on its own, when linked together with other like paperclips forms a strong and resilient chain.

Wearing a paperclip chain necklace can remind us of our struggles and how important it is to continue fighting and stay strong.

Stella & Haas Paperclip Chain Necklaces

Stella & Haas is a Black-owned jewelry brand, and we are female-owned as well. Our culture and our heritage inspire and motivate us when we create jewelry for our customers.

Our Vivian Paperclip Chain Necklace is simple and basic, perfect for an understated look or as a companion piece to a snazzy necklace. At 21 inches long, this paperclip chain necklace is available in gold, silver or rose gold.

We designed our Take Me Away Paperclip Chain Necklace with a pearl pendant at the end to add a posh touch to this gold chain. At 19 inches, this gold paper clip necklace can be doubled up to look like two chains, or you can wear it with several shorter necklaces for a unique and eye-catching layered necklace look.

Affordable Paperclip Chain Necklaces

You may have wistfully had your eye on some other paperclip chain necklaces online that cost hundreds of dollars. At Stella & Haas, we make everyday jewelry, because we want our customers to be able to have the fun, flirty necklaces and other jewelry they covet.

Take a moment to browse our site — you may want to add a bracelet, earrings, ring or accessories to your paperclip chain necklace order. We have something for everyone!