The Stars Say … Get a Zodiac Sign Necklace!

Zodiac sign necklaces are so much fun that you wish everyone had one so we would all know each other’s signs right away. It could save a lot of time. Stella & Haas has created a number of zodiac sign necklaces our customers love — have a look!

zodiac sign necklace

The Popularity of Zodiac Sign Necklaces

Zodiac sign necklaces and other types of astrological jewelry have always been popular, but lately there has been a new surge of interest from millennials. Some of them have been known to take their zodiac sign pretty seriously, planning career moves, making relationship decisions and putting off taking other important actions until the planets are properly aligned.

But who’s to say this isn’t a legitimate way to map your course in life? Goodness knows when we use logic and reason things rarely turn out as they should. There’s no harm in putting some faith into a zodiac sign necklace.

Stella & Haas Featured Zodiac Sign Necklaces

Our Zodiac Babe Necklace features a handmade disc stamped with your zodiac sign hanging from a 20-inch-long gold rope chain. You have the option to add on a pair of large, gold hoop earrings with matching zodiac sign discs for an adorable complete set. It’s a perfect birthday or anniversary gift. But don’t wait for someone to buy it for you — get it for yourself today!

Instead of the zodiac symbol, our Zodiac Necklace in gold or silver features a charm that spells out your zodiac sign. Heavy, block sans seraph letters are linked together and hang vertically from the chain for a bold statement piece.

The Old English version of our Zodiac Necklace spells out the name of your sign in elegant calligraphy. Available in gold and silver, this zodiac sign necklace spells out the name horizontally, attached to the chain at either end.

Our Zodiac Card Necklace makes a bold statement. This 1-inch-long rectangle pendant features an engraved zodiac symbol with the name of your sign in block capital letters underneath. Stars, moons, leaves and branches add to the piece’s flair and mystery. The other side of the necklace depicts a moon, sun and the coordinating constellation.

You can’t go wrong with our Zodiac Disc Pendant, which depicts all 12 signs on one zodiac charm. This is a perfect gift for zodiac and astrology lovers.

Everyday Jewelry for Everyday People

At Stella & Haas, it’s our goal to make jewelry our customers love, and that’s why we create trendy pieces like our zodiac charms and zodiac pendants. We’re a Black-owned jewelry store, and we always consider inclusivity and diversity when we’re designing our jewelry.

Our goal is to create pieces anyone can wear every day of the week. While we agree there is a place in the world for fine jewelry, we believe there’s a bigger place for fun jewelry that you can wear while you’re swimming, playing sports or just living your life.

Our everyday jewelry is beautiful and strong — just like you! Shop our zodiac sign necklaces today, and check out all we have to offer at Stella & Haas.