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Take a look at our wide selection of ear cuffs — so easy to pop on and off when you want to add a little extra glimmer!

We love ear cuffs because they’re so comfortable, versatile and easy to wear — you can kick your style up a notch by slipping on a single cuff on your way out the door. In fact, keep a few at the ready next to your keys for an instant, never-fail, put-together look.

We create cuff earrings in gold and silver in lots of fun styles. Try our X Cuffs — X marks the spot! Or wear one to remind yourself that you’re never going back to your ex; after all, cuffs are sold separately.

Add a little sparkle to your look with a Chloe Cuff, studded with twinkling rhinestones. The Faye Cuff is so thick and heavy we incorporated a tiny hinge so wearers can get it on and off their ears easily. This cuff radiates strength and stability.

Our Hailey Cuffs and Twisted Cuffs are basic enough to wear every day — in fact, you can even sleep and shower with them! They won’t fall off, tarnish or leave marks on your ears.