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For a wide selection of chains, stackable and paperclip necklaces, and pendants of all kinds, shop Stella & Haas’s collection of the best of black-owned jewelry brands.

Layered jewelry is so popular today, and that’s why we have curated a number of choices for our customers, included stackable necklaces, layered necklaces, and multilayered necklaces. Whether you’re looking for stacked gold necklaces, layered initial necklaces, or stackable jewelry like layered gold chain necklaces, we have what you want.

Paperclip chain necklaces are all the rage now, and we carry gold paperclip chain necklaces as well as silver. You can choose a dainty and delicate gold paper clip necklace for someone whose style tends to the gently elegant or a heavier paperclip necklace for those who want to feel the solid strength of their necklace all day long. Get a set of paper clip jewelry for you and your significant other to mark an anniversary or another important occasion.

Our zodiac pendant necklaces and our letter pendant necklaces are also very popular. Getting your loved one jewelry with their initial or sign of the zodiac is a thoughtful, personal gift they will undoubtedly treasure for many years. Whether you opt for a gold zodiac pendant or a silver necklace, the recipient will surely wear it with love and pride.