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Grab bags are here!

These bags are not curated for individual customer style, it's all about the element of surprise here! 

  • Small Bags: 1-2 pieces included. 
  • Medium Bags: 3-4 pieces included.
  • Large Bag: 5-7 pieces included. 
  • Tarnish Resistant Silver Bags: 2-3 Higher-priced, higher quality items that are all tarnish-resistant. Silver jewelry only.
  • Tarnish Resistant Gold Bags: 2-3 higher priced, higher quality items. Gold jewelry only.
  • Large Tarnish Resistant Bag: 4-6 higher priced, higher quality items. 



All grab bags and the items included are all final sale. No refunds, no returns, no exchanges--no exceptions! 
This is a non-curated bag that will be filled with various items that have been listed in the shop or are unique pieces that have yet to be listed. Photo in listing does not reflect what will be included in your grab bag. 


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